As each and every one of Higgy Piggy cakes is tailored to our clients' individual needs, the pricing of our cakes is highly variable. A final price can only be determined following a detailed consultation with you about what you would like. A design and cost will then be produced.

Our pricing is generally based on the length of time it takes to bake and decorate your cake and on how many people it needs to serve.


If you only have a restricted budget, then we can design a cake to meet your needs. We can make small cakes with lots of decoration at probably the same price as a larger cake with fewer decorations.

A 3D novelty cake will obviously cost more due to the longer time needed in carving, icing and decorating. Whereas, 2D cakes, which lie flat, take less time to decorate and will be cheaper.


Yes, you may be able to buy a cake from a local supermarket at a lower price. However, as we design and make our cakes using fresh ingredients and by hand, the length of time we spend on your cake is higher. Our cakes also have more of a WOW factor and your family and friends will remember it for a long time to come.


Please contact us to discuss your requirements in detail.

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